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【idea-auto】Cyclone Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner for Car

* 【idea-auto】Cyclone Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner for Car

▶Applicable to both wet and dry condition
▶120W high power motor, clean out any tenacious filth without difficulty
▶5-meter-long power cable, reach to any part of car easily
▶High density HEPA filter provides much better filtration for removing dust and other contaminants
▶Simply designed, easy for installation, disassembly, cleaning and maintenance

Introducing the Cyclone, a compact and stylish vacuum cleaner for car.

With its 120W high power motor providing extraordinarily strong suction,
our product suits for cleaning both wet and dry material effectively.

Ordinary portable vacuum cleaner with mesh bag filter design due to its lower filtration efficiency,
the dust sucked in often then pumped out through the exhaust vent of vacuum cleaner afterwards,
makes the cleaning ends up in vain.

Our product take use of HEPA filter, whose filtration efficiency is much higher than ordinary filter,
to intercept even the tiniest dust in your car.

Built-in 10A fuse prevents the vacuum cleaner from overload, further ensures safety.

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