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【idea-auto】Macaron Car Air Freshener

* 【idea-auto】Macaron Car Air Freshener

▶Different flavor correspond to different color
▶Scented pills are made of internationally certified essential oil without alcoholic ingredient
▶The outer case is made of special material that could diffuse fragrance on its own
▶Can be set on the air vent or hung on the back mirror
▶Dispel odor fast and easily

Most car air fresheners in the current market haven’t been examined. Thus may contain harmful ingredients.
This may lead to hazardous situation such as gas burst, and can also cause corrosion to the car interior.
Unsafe air freshener can even worsen the air quality instead of improving it, causing asthma and allergy.
The scented pills are made of all-natural and internationally certified essential oil without alcoholic ingredient.
The special material we use makes the outer case can diffuse fragrance on its own. By adding in scented pills, the fragrance can be enhanced furthermore.
Elegant, sweet and lovely, the macaron air freshener has two kinds of settings to suit your needs. For example, you could hang it on the back mirror, clamp on the air vent, or just put it wherever you may desire.
We’ve developed multiple flavors including strawberry, lemon, green apple, lavender and ocean. 

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